Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unsigned Artist!!! Lord Jessiah @black7pro

Grounds of Detroit cover art
Detroit Hip Hop producer Lord Jessiah (Black 7 Productions) has been hard at work developing the brand of Black 7 Productions along with Sun Tzu Cadre crafting his unique blend of soulful beats with hard core socially conscious hip-hop. Coming full throttle with the premier single, "Blitzkrieg", from his forthcoming solo release, G.O.D.. Having initially establishing himself within the production team of the Michigan based group and Wu-Affiliates Dezert Eez, Lord Jessiah is now poised to release his first full length studio album entitled Grounds Of Detroit (G.O.D.) March 2013.
The "Grounds Of Detroit" (G.O.D.) album presents a collage of their hometown (Detroit) which is illustrated through rugged beats and aggressive lyrics. Lord Jessiah boldly warns that this project is the opposite of current contemporary hip-hop that has taken over the airwaves, and promises to deliver the cutting edge hard core fundamental hip-hop that has been missing for over a decade. 


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