Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unsigned Artist!!!! Seecret Stash @seecretstash

Seecret Stash is a bi-racial (Black and Jewish) female songwriter and musician with a variety of skills. In addition to writing, she also raps and produces musical tracks. Her music is defined as true hip-hop where she speaks on her life experiences, love and struggle. She also has published plenty of written work in The Daily Republic Newspaper, Millionaires Magazine and more. Stash is from Fairfield, Calif., though has resided in San Francisco and Pennsylvania.

“Stash is a female artist with a sound I have never heard before. She makes beats and her production is shocking. It was so easy working with her and her creativity level are out of this world.,” T-roy of Beats on Blaze said.

At this time Stash is currently finishing her self-titled album, “Seecret Stash.” The single off the album, “Be Happy,” is a hip-hop love song. She is currently filming the video for the single and also has an array of videos on You Tube. The album follows her mix tape, “Chronicles,” will be released on i-tunes and available in the summer of 2013.

Stash has featured on a variety of artist’s albums, mixes tapes and opened for many headliners at top venues throughout California. A journalist in disguise, she also writes articles for hip-hop and entertainment magazines on a freelance basis and continues to perform at shows throughout California.

“Stash is a women with a variety of talents. Her music has a message and the production is hard-hitting. She is definitely and entertainer that shouldn’t be slept on,” Eric of South Side Heat.

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