Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jazzy Jay's Views: Chaos Breaks Out at LOVE & HIP HOP ATL Season 2 Premiere Screening THE RATCHETNESS CONTINUES

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 premieres Monday April 22nd On Vh1. However On Monday night (April 15), the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta met up at the city's Cream Ultra Lounge to view the screening of the second season's first episode. As a couple hundred bloggers looked on, it was evident that the drama could, at any point spill over from reality television to real life without any camera filters there was enough chaos going on between Lil Scrappy fiancĂ© Erica Dixon, Momma Dee and scorned ex-lover Shay to entertain guest more then the actual show on the screen. During the evening's Q&A session, Momma Dee defended her stance on intervening in Scrap's love life saying, “There isn't anyone in here that wouldn't fight to protect their son. He's grown but he's still my son.” As the crowd murmured, unconvinced, Shay jumped in, fueled by last season's humiliation and the evening's unlimited access to liquid courage. “Will Scrappy marry Erica?” It was a challenge more than a question. “Will. Scrappy. Marry. Erica?,” she said again with emphasis. “Hell f-ck  nah.” Well according to Erica she has confirmed her break up with Lil Scrappy in a video recently released on Watch the video Below.  With all this drama going on at the premiere party I can only imagine what we will see this season. Don't worry I will be reviewing the season premiere of love & hip hop Atlanta this week on my show. Video coming soon. LOVE & HIP HOP Atlanta the RATCHETNESS Continues…

- Jazzy Jay 

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