Monday, July 22, 2013

Kendrick Lamar Defends Jay Z’s Success In Hip-Hop

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Kendrick Lamar is growing into a successful artist by the day, but he doesn’t forget to give credit where it’s due. During his interview with Bullett magazine, the TDE member praised Jay Z’s longstanding career. He commended him for his achievements and saluted him for his contributions to hip-hop. “I salute people like Jay Z,” Lamar said. “How many tours has he been on? How many verses has he put down? How many interviews? How many radio shows? People forget that.”

Lamar added Hov’s detractors come from the fact they can’t imagine someone from the Marcy Projects is making million dollar business deals. Hip-hop history shows Jay was committed to become the next big thing. He argues rap fans seem to forget that sometimes. “They can’t fathom how a dude from the Marcy Projects is sitting next to Barack Obama. So they make up all types of crazy sh*t and forget the facts: This nigga dedicated every single day of his life to this, and what he has wasn’t just given to him. It’s no mistake he’s at where he’s at.”

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